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Public-facing website focused mostly on Medical Informatics, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), Orthanc, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other mostly IT topics.

My MacBook Pro (M1 Chip) was recently stolen on an OEBB train en route from Salzburg to Linz, Austria. No insurance, and I really cannot afford a replacment AND my startup is barely surviving, so I would gratefully accept any contributions so that I can continue operations. I am also actively making plans to possibly leave Austria for another country. My relocaction expenses will be relatively small, but I need a bit of a buffer.

I have been travelling around Europe for years now, much like a Digital Nomad. It would be nice to find a permanent place to live and work. My Instagram, FaceBook, YouTube and TikTok accounts document part of the story. I wrote an eBook that is available on the Apple Store "Manic Escape", for about 2 Euros, but I may as well make the .epub version free: Manic Escape (almost 700 MB !) The Thorium reader should work for that: Thorium Reader

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The links to Youtube videos, Spotify tracks and other multimedia resources are mostly for entertainment purposes. I added some tracks from U-Bahn Stars performers. I have met some of them in person.

SIIM has a Hackathon coming up in 2024.

The welcome page has a collection of links to variety of resources for medical imaging, mostly for radiology, but many of them are relevant for other subspecialities in medicine such as cardiology, pathology, dermatology, etc.

I am mostly 'retired', but I still have to generate a little extra income sometimes to maintain a relatively simple lifestyle, with some exceptions. I do occasionally visit these 2 websites, and I often read their newletters.

  1. The Simplicity Habit
  2. Becoming Minimalist

As a Digital Nomad wannabe, I have had to adopt some of the lifestyle practices suggested on those websites, mostly the ones related to having very few material possessions, such as real estate or other property.

Links to useful resources on the Web for Medical Informatics and IT Viewers David Clunie's Medical Image Format Site Selected AI Projects for Radiology: Selected AI Projects for Pathology: Classification and Terminology Systems: Diagnostic Codes Procedural Codes Other Open Source Speech Recognition DICOM & HL7 Resources: FHIR: Radiology Teaching Files and References: Other Resources: Hand Held Ultrasound Devices: Publications:
  1. Key Objects, Supplement 59
  2. Structured Reports, Supplement 219
  3. Reporting and Data Systems (RADS)
  4. Development and application of an electronic synoptic report for reporting and management of low-dose computed tomography lung cancer screening examination